Mercy’s Place offers assessment and therapy services to:

  • Individuals (ages 5 and up)
  • Couples/Marital
  • Families

Mercy’s Place provides assessment and therapy services for a wide variety of needs and identified concerns.

Specialty Areas Include:

Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Behavior, and Development

The professionals at Mercy’s Place are experienced with assessing and treating child & adolescent mental health issues, behavioral concerns, and have a background in child and adolescent development. At Mercy’s Place, we value each family member and seek to help children, youth, parents, and families thrive. Mercy’s Place professionals are experienced at the practice of collaborating with other service providers whenever appropriate to help ensure children and adolescents receive coordinated and quality care.

Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Concerns

The professionals at Mercy’s Place are experienced providing services to individuals who have both a mental health diagnosis, and a substance abuse/dependency problem. Specifically, the professionals at Mercy’s Place have experience with adolescents that have a dual-diagnosis. Mercy’s Place professionals are able to coordinate care/collaborate effectively with other service providers as a part of a team (i.e. chemical dependency providers) to assist individuals receiving services from multiple providers. Mercy’s Place can also offer support to families coping with a loved one who has a substance abuse/dependency problem. Mercy’s Place, however, does not provide chemical dependency assessment or treatment services, and would refer clients to appropriate providers for any needed chemical dependency assessment and/or services.

Couples/Marital Therapy, Parenting Concerns, Family Therapy

Mercy’s Place offers counseling services to couples to work through conflicts, to improve communication, and enhance the health of their relationship. Mercy’s Place offers marital therapy for the purpose of healing, not for assessing or participating in any legal matters/litigation.

Kathy Bunke, MSW, LICSW at Mercy's Place sees couples and has training in the Gottman method as well as approaches such as EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy- Dr. Sue Johnson) based on the science of attachment. 

A common concern for many families is parenting and the well-being of children and parent–child relationships. When family therapy is recommended, families can participate in improving communication, strengthening relationships, and implementing effective problem-solving.

In situations where parents are not together, we offer assistance to co-parent effectively and work with families to strengthen or repair the parent-child bond. Our work with children and families is based on attachment, effective parenting, and healthy relationships. Family or parent/child therapy at Mercy's Place is not for the purposes of formulating recommendations regarding custody or involvement in family legal matters.

Faith-based Christian Counseling integrated with Evidenced-based Best Practice

Christian counseling services are offered at Mercy’s Place. Faith-based Christian counseling at Mercy’s Place integrates evidence-based best practices in the mental health field with Biblically-based scriptural truths of the Christian faith. The wisdom of life experiences and the application/journey of faith regarding those experiences that both the client and therapist bring are often helpful in the process of change.

Young/Transitioning Adults

Mercy’s Place professionals are equipped to provide therapy services to young adults. Transitioning adults are those who typically fall between the ages of late teens to early to mid-20's. The common goal at this transitional stage is to further independence and continue to develop a sense of self within an outside their family unit. We seek to help families launch their young adults well while maintaining a strong support network. This can be a challenging stage for everyone involved, both parents and their young adult.

Women’s Issues

Mercy’s Place is equipped to offer individual therapy services to women while also sensitive to specific themes that many women struggle with, including the challenges in functioning various roles (i.e. wife, mother, daughter, sister, colleague, etc.).


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